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About MasterClipz LLC

The 5 Ws 

MasterClipz was an instagram page started off of a light at the end of a tunnel as I was ending my college career. It started with a class I participated in at West Potomac Academy Center. After a 2 year certification course for Television Production I considered beginning making visuals for a living. After a couple years of college I decided to make my dream my full time reality. 

Nothing happens overnight! I have been pushing this project since 2015 when I created a social media platform for myself. Some will say I faked it until I made it but now it's an incredible network of some of the worlds most talented people.

After 4 years of production since the company has been started, MasterClipz now proudly produces all video content in 4k HD with crisp high quality sound gear. Essentially when you call I am a walking movie set ready to make anything happen. Oh did I mention the drone? We can talk about that later. 

Thank you for checking out the bio feel free to ask any questions you have via email!

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Check out some of my partners

Deja Taylor

Owner of


M.T.S. Media

Co-Owner of 

IlutooWeddings LLC

Kareem Walkes

(Lil Maceo)

Visual Effects Artist

Owner of

Digital Alchemy FX

Legendary Saxophone Artist

Mike Fields

tFootwork Specialist


Athletic trainer

Trainer at

Awol Fitness

Deja Taylor has always been the go to when there needs an extra hand on deck. Her work box and work ethic are on another level, she is a beast behind the lens and an awesome creator in post. She also has an eye for sports and an ear for live sound production. 

Kareem Walkes has traveled the world as a saxophone artist and created some of the most dope sets in the industry behind the computer. From music to visual FX he is the plug!

Mike Fields has been a close partner to MasterClipz LLC since day 1. Mike has trained various athletes and has a proven track record that he will put you on the path to success.

MtsMedia more than sports media
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